Franklin Township



Attention Franklin Township Residents:

The Franklin Township Board met 6/19/18 to discuss what we need to be doing in our state of emergency. We have come up with the following checklist/information.


The first item is crucial to our township getting federal funds.
1. All residents whose homes or property received damages, must call 211 to report! No report is too minimal. Everything needs to be documented!!!


2. All volunteers who have been helping with cleanup need to register by calling 906-233-6621 Evangel Baptist Church


3. All well water users are encouraged to test their wells to make sure their water has not been compromised. You can contact the Western UP Health Dept Glen Anderson at (906) 482-7382, Ext. 124.


4. The township has set up a waste disposal site for unsalvageable items at the overflow parking lot directly across from the MTU Ski Hill in Ripley.


5. U-haul units are available for storage in Atlantic Mine. 1st month is free. Call 523-2534


6. Looking for volunteers with experience to help operate heavy machinery. Please contact Mary Sears at 231-7205

7. Any residents who have damaged water heaters, furnaces or appliances let us know so we can try to get funding for them as well.



There is also a post set up outside the Ripley Fire Hall for instruction or questions.

If anyone has any questions please contact; Supervisor; Mary Sears at 906-231-7205 or 906-487-9073

Franklin Township Flag Design Contest Rules


Franklin Township Flag Design Contest Rules:

1. Contest open to all residents of Houghton County. 

2. Design Rules: - Design to be colorful, using up to three colors and possibly other symbols.  - Colors should contrast well and come from the standard color set. - Keep the design simple. - Use meaningful symbolism: images, colors, or patterns should relate to what it symbolizes. - Be distinctive, avoid duplication of other flags. 

The year the township was formed, 1863 must be on the flag, the name of the township(Franklin Township) and Houghton County must be on the flag. - In your submission describe the meaning of each symbol and color used in the flag.

3. Flag submissions must be in color on legal paper (8.5”x 14”).  This size can be mailed in 12”x15 ½” envelope.    

4. If you have questions, please contact:

                Mary Sears:, 906-231-7205

5.  Deadline for flag design is to be received, by the township, by Wednesday, October 17, 2018. 

6. Judging will take place by Franklin Township Residents, Saturday, October 20, 2018 12:00pm-3:00pm at the Franklin Township Office.  Ballots will be available at the Township Office the day of the event.  In case of a tie the final selection will be the sole judgment of the Franklin Township Board. The township board reserves the right to narrow down the number of entries to be voted on.

7. Ballots will be tallied, and winner announced on Saturday October 20, 2018, with final voting by 3:00pm

8. Franklin Township reserves the right to accept or reject any or all submissions. In the event that all submissions are rejected a new date will assigned and the competition will be repeated.  

9. The winning design will be the property of Franklin Township and shall not be used without the written consent of the Franklin Township Board. 

10. The design selected will be transferred to a 3’x5’ flag for township use. 

11. Please complete the attached application form when submitting your flag design and mail to:

          Franklin Township Flag Competition

          49850 US41

          Hancock, MI 49930                 

12. The Resident submitting the winning flag design will receive a $500, second place: $100, Third place: $50

Franklin Township Flag Design Application and Release:

 We look forward to receiving your flag designs.  Please fill out the application below to be submitted with your flag design.  Deadline for design submission is: Wednesday: 10/17/18.

One submission per resident, please.  

Name of Resident submitting flag design: ________________________________________ 

Place name of resident on the back of the flag design.

Address: __________________________________________________________________

 City: ____________________________ Township: ________________________________

 Zip: __________ Phone: _____________________ 

Age (if under 18): __________

Explanation of Design: _______________________________________________________ 







Required Release:  If the design submitted to Franklin Township is selected as the winning flag, Franklin Township will become owner of all rights connected with the design.  Franklin Township will have exclusive rights to reproduce and distribute the work.  I understand that Franklin Township has the right to alter the final flag prior to reproduction. Franklin Township assumes no responsibility for art work submitted and will return them only if you provide a self-addressed envelope with postage.  Franklin Township is not responsible for loss or damage of entries.   

Signature: __________________________________________ Date: ___________________ 


Meeting Dates 2018 - 2019



FISCAL YEAR 4/1/2018 – 3/31/2019

Second Monday of Each Month – 7:00 P.M.


49850 US Hwy 41 

Hancock, MI. 49930


                        April 9, 2018               May 14, 2018              June 11, 2018 

                        July 9, 2018              August 13, 2018         September 10, 2018

                        October 8, 2018       November 12, 2018      December 10, 2018

                        January 14, 2019        February 11, 2019         March 11, 2019

                                                Other Monthly Meeting Dates

Quincy Fire Dept.---1st Monday                                 Ripley Fire Dept---2nd Tuesday

Boston Fire Dept.---1st Monday                                 Ripley Water-------1st Monday

Franklin/Quincy Water Authority…2nd Tuesday – Franklin/Quincy Fire Hall


Wastewater Meeting 6:30pm– Every other month, as needed (April 19, June 11, Aug. 13,

Oct. 8, Dec. 10, Feb. 11) Township Office